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Welcome. From 1977 until 2001, Charleen Kinser Designs was a small group of artisans working with master designer Charleen Kinser making limited editions of small toys, or soft sculpture, as some call our creations. In 2001, Charleen went solo, as CK Limited. Here on our site you can visit the creatures we made as a group, read about how Charleen thinks and creates, and learn about our unique hand-production methods. Although we are no longer making the creatures here, you can still find some of them living with our Retailers.
Charleen Kinser Designs has ceased production on all current pieces as of December 21, 2001, but the future holds new opportunities for Charleen Kinser enthusiasts. Please visit the new CK Limited section.
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Out in the world... Share Stories about how Charleen Kinser Designs have made their way into your lives.  
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